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Workers needed

Hello Parents;

Change to our new portables is taking place quickly. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered their time to aid in the progress. Our society board has decided to replace the stucco siding and go with metal siding that will give our school a more modern look and will also wear much longer. The present stucco is showing it's age with many cracks having formed around the building.

This coming Saturday, June 13, we asking for volunteers to come out and help remove the stucco from the building. The stucco is being cut into pieces that will be able to be pryed away from the walls. If you are able help us, please call the school and give Cathy your name. You will need work gloves, goggles and steel toes shoes if you have them. The it is heavy work and you do not have to stay for the whole day. An hour or two of your time would be greatly appreciated.

Our final day of this school year will take place on Friday, June 26. It will be a parking lot ceremony taking place at the High River Baptist Church. We will get underway at 10:00 AM and should be done by 11. Our sound system will be broadcast over an FM station, the channel will be given out to you upon your arrival. We ask that you not leave your car during the ceremony. Our stage will be a flatdeck trailer. Once the ceremony is over we ask that the cars file by the entrance of the church to pick up their children's report cards and so that we as a staff can say. "have a great summer!"

If you have not registered your children for next year, please do so as soon as you can. Our prayer is that you are safe at home. We miss your children and look forward to the next school year when we hope to be back at school.

Thank you,

Kevin Bailey

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