Academic Excellence

In order to ensure that each student is able to achieve success relative to their God-given abilities good work habits are expected of all students. As teachers and parents create an effective partnership, students learning is maximized.


It can be expected that students will do a certain amount of homework each night. Students are expected to complete their assignments each day. The following will serve as a GENERAL guideline to the amount of homework that should be expected:

Grades 4-6 ½ hour

Grades 7-9 1 hour

Students experiencing difficulties may have homework well exceeding the guidelines suggested above. Parents should monitor homework assignments by ensuring that children have a place and time to do their work. So that parents and students can keep track of assignments, we expressly encourage students to use and parents to regularly and frequently monitor homework or agenda books.

Application to studies

Students are expected to complete their assignments carefully and neatly, demonstrating their best effort. This applies also to preparation for examinations. Failure to show diligence in assigned studies may lead to suspension.

Make up Work

Students with excused absences will be allowed to make-up work within a reasonable length of time. A reasonable length of time will normally be two class days, depending on circumstances. Students should not expect teachers to delay tests or allow them extra time simply because they missed a day of school just prior a test. Consideration will be given to students missing several days in a row or those obviously too ill to prepare for school. For routine two or three-day illnesses, all work must be made up within two class days after returning to school. If the student receives an incomplete on a term report, the work must be completed within 5 class days after the term report was issued. Teachers will assist students in making up work. However, it is the student's responsibility to determine what work has been missed and see that it is made up. When a student has obviously delayed or put off work, the teacher is no longer technically obligated to assist the student in making up work and a grade of 0 will be given. Students are not permitted to miss regularly-scheduled classes in order to make-up work.

Report Cards

The School reports to the parents three times a year for Grades K-9, at the times indicated on the school calendar.

Promotion Policy

In the Elementary grades, the promotion of a student at the end of the year will be decided by the classroom teacher in consultation with the Administrator.

In the Mid-school grades, comprehensive final exams will be set in all core subjects. The year's mark in a particular subject will be a blend of the final exam and the overall year's mark. A student successfully making the required grade in the comprehensive exam will be considered to have met all the requirements for that subject.

A pass at Brant Christian School is 50% or higher. In marginal cases, a student's ability, attitude, and other subject marks will be considered to determine eligibility for promotion. Parents are notified following the second reporting period of a possible repeat of a grade.