How YOU can stay connected to BCS!

We covet continued participation, involvement and prayers from past parents, alumni and other supporters of BCS. 

Alumni are not only an important part of Brant Christian School’s rich history, but each graduate and their parents have great value at BCS today and in the future! We invite you to participate by subscribing to our newsletter, being a volunteer, guest speaker or musician at chapel, athletic coach, chaperone or by donating to one of our fundraising efforts.  

The contribution you make will not only enrich the lives of our current students and staff but the legacy of service will no doubt be a blessing to you as well. 


Calling all BCS Grads!

The Class of 2009 was the very first grade 12 class that graduated from BCS! Before that, we celebrated each grade 8 or 9 class that completed their time at Brant and transitioned on to High School from here. Whether you're a BCS grade 8, grade 9 or grade 12 graduate, we want to celebrate your milestone reunions with you! Has it been 5, 10, 15 years since you graduated from Brant Christian School? How the time flies! Wouldn't it be exciting to reconnect with old classmates and friends, reminisce about the good ol’ days and see what everyone is up to now? It doesn't take too much sweat and hard work to plan a good reunion. Contact the school office to get started today!


Links to help you plan a successful reunion:

Update the BCS Archives!

Do you have old photos from school days gone by? Scan and email them here.