Student Dress Code

While recognizing that true Christianity is a matter of the heart, not the outward appearance, it is nonetheless true that appearance is important. The Apostle Peter puts his finger on the real issue when he states that our attractiveness should not be based on what we wear but on the "...unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit"...(I Peter 3:4). Dress often represents the feelings and thoughts of our hearts. This being the case, our clothing should represent our desire to please God and honor Him.

Without trying to make everyone dress alike, and respecting individual differences, the following guidelines have been prepared in the interest of good grooming, Christian modesty, and sound educational practices.


  • Clothing must cover the midriff
  • Skirts, shorts and dresses should be of appropriate length (skirts no shorter than 2" above the knee and shorts/skorts no shorter than mid thigh)
  • Shirts and tops are to be free of offensive or inappropriate messages
  • Hats are not to be worn in the school
  • Body piercing, tattoos, and drawing or writing on the skin are not permitted
  • Girls may wear one small earring in each ear
  • Students in grade 5 and up will have gym strip for their P.E. classes
  • All students are required to wear suitable gym clothes for physical education classes, but students from grade 5 up are to change into approved school gym strip for physical education classes
  • Outdoor footwear and clothing may not be worn in the school. Indoor shoes are required to help keep our school clean

Sports Events

School dress code applies to school-sponsored sporting events, except for participants, who are to wear school-approved gym wear.