Student Pledge (Grades 7-12)

Our goal is to equip young people with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills which will enable them to become mature, productive members of society and effective witnesses for the Lord. Not every student benefits from our school, nor does the school benefit from every student. However, when the goals of the student match the goals of the school, it is a very successful and rewarding experience for both. We, therefore, ask students in grades 7-12 to determine whether or not their goals match those of the school before enrolling each year.

Please read the following statements to see if they accurately reflect your desires and intentions:

  • I intend to follow and obey Jesus Christ in every area of my life and accept the Bible as my standard for judging right from wrong.
  • I will treat all students, teachers, bus drivers, volunteers, and parents with equal kindness and respect, and will use my language to lift up and encourage these people in my life. 
  • I will not lie, cheat, steal, plagiarize, or break copyright, or tolerate these actions. I will also encourage my peers to follow this policy. 
  • I will set a godly example by my lifestyle choices. I will use discernment in my choice of clothing and entertainment including television, movies, music, books, videos, live productions and social activities. I will refrain from a lifestyle of sexual immorality. This applies at all times and in all places (whether in school or not) as long as I am a student of BCS. 
  • I will regularly attend school and arrive at school on time so as not to miss class devotions or disturb other students by entering late. 
  • I will respect the property of the school and my fellow students. 
  • I will approach all subjects and assignments with a positive attitude and complete my assignments to the best of my ability. I will adequately prepare for tests, and be attentive in class. 
  • I will practice the principle found in Matthew 18 where I am asked to resolve conflicts with the individuals involved rather than discussing the issues with others. I will address any conflicts within two weeks, to the best of my ability. 
  • I will abide by the school rules and accept the consequences without complaint if I fail, understanding that these rules apply from the time of bus pick up until drop off, and throughout each school day. 
  • I desire to attend Brant Christian School and to see the school’s vision and goals fulfilled in me personally. 


BCS Student Pledge