About BCS

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Brant Christian School was established in 1990 as a campus of the Heritage Christian School board in Calgary. In 1993 Brant became an independent school operated by the Brant Christian School Society. The fact that Brant has almost 25 years of history is a testimony to God's faithfulness and provision. It is due to the visionary leadership provided by the founding families and a testimony to many committed people that we have the privilege of Christian education in this area. Their perseverance and dedication was driven by the belief that the Christian values and beliefs taught in their homes and churches should be consistently reinforced in school.

In August 2005 Brant Christian School became an Alternative Christian School under the umbrella of the Palliser Regional Schools. This agreement has allowed the school to make Christian education more affordable, while still maintaining our mandate of a quality Christian education program.

From its conception, Brant Christian School has been a truly interdenominational school with an evangelical protestant flavor. The school presently serves families from over a dozen churches.

How to Find Us

Brant Christian School is just a short drive from Nanton, High River, Okotoks and Vulcan.

The school is just:

  • 25 minutes from High River;
  • 35 minutes from Okotoks;
  • 20 minutes from Nanton;
  • and 20 minutes from Vulcan.

Life at Brant Christian School

We might be a small school in the country but there's no shortage of really great opportunities at BCS!  From butterfly-catching to playing volleyball, band class to sports day, our students develop skills and qualities that will prepare them to be caring and responsive citizens of God's kingdom!  Here's a little glimpse into what goes on here at Brant Christian School!