Busing Information

Busing Information

Brant Christian School Society contracts busing to provide transportation services to the school. Prior to the beginning of the school year, parents are informed of the pick-up and drop-off times and places for their children.

Parents need to be aware of and are responsible for the following:

  1. Buses will not deviate from main routes as determined by the Administrator. Parents may be asked to drive to a central stop at any given time.
  2. Parents are responsible for their child(ren) until they are on the bus in the morning and once the bus has dropped them off at their stop in the afternoon.
  3. Students who do not plan to take their regular bus must present a signed note to the school secretary who will in turn relay information to the bus drivers. If the student takes another school bus, the note is shown to the regular driver and then, presented to the driver of the bus they plan to take. Written communication always helps to reduce confusion and miscommunication.
  4. It is the responsibility of the parents to notify the bus driver, as well as the office, if a student will be away from school.
  5. All students are expected to be at their stops five minutes before the scheduled arrival time of the bus.
  6. Parents are to ensure that children are dressed properly in case of emergencies during cold or wet weather.
  7. Children or siblings not registered at the school cannot ride the bus without prior permission of the Administrator for insurance reasons.
  8. Any concerns or questions re: bus driving, or routes should be directed to the Administrator in writing.

Student Conduct for School Transportation

  1. Students must not leave their seats while the bus is in motion. No standing while bus is in motion.
  2. All parts of the student's body must be kept inside the bus at all times. Windows may only be ½ open.
  3. No loud talking, shouting, or foul language will be allowed on the bus.
  4. Eating or drinking is allowed on the bus at the discretion of the driver, Administrator and the Transportation Committee. Paper and garbage are to be taken home in students' backpacks.
  5. Students must obey all directions from the driver and/or adult in charge.
  6. Emergency exits and equipment must not be touched unless they are needed.
  7. Students exiting the bus must cross only in front of bus and at least 15 feet ahead. Crossing a road must be attempted only when it is safe to do so, and under the guidance of the driver.
  8. Electronic games, Ipads, ipods, cell phones and various digital devices MAY be used on the bus, but only with the understanding that they are used to do school work or engage in activities that model good Christian character.



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