Parent Engagement Group (PEG)

What is PEG?

The Parent Engagement Group, or PEG, is not an official Parent Council, but the purpose of it is to foster healthy participation by our parents with the intention of supporting our admin, the staff and the board, as well as streamlining communication and keeping smaller discussions out of the inboxes of our principal and board chair. 

Why does this matter to you? We would like to invite you to participate! Plan to attend Parent Engagement Group Meetings, which will typically be held 30-45 min prior to the monthly board meetings (second Tuesday of the month) during the school year.  The principal and a minimum of one board member and one teacher representative will be in attendance at each meeting. If you have suggestions on ways we can support our staff, want to know more about volunteer opportunities, have general questions or concerns, would like to help with fundraising, planning extra community spirit events or promoting BCS in the wider community, or just want to be part of bringing society views together to help make positive change at our school, this is for you!  We will discuss different topics each month, so you may choose to attend once, if an item of interest is on the agenda, or come every month, just to stay engaged! 

If you have something specific to add to an upcoming agenda, please email the PEG

As always, if your questions or concerns are related to something happening in the classroom, regarding admissions/the school calendar/hot lunch/etc, governance or staff issues, or related to a bigger decision made/to be made, please direct your emails to the appropriate person - your child’s teacher, Mr. Chisholm, Mrs. Massey or the BCS board.  If you’re unsure of who to direct your question to, the PEG is happy to help you or forward your email to the right place.  

Current PEG Committee:
Karen Dees - Co-Facilitator
Renae Penner - Co-Facilitator
Rachel Dingman - Note-Taker
Coby Farrelly - BCS Board Rep

Next PEG Meeting:

Join us prior to the Board Meeting, the second Tuesday of every month:

Generally held at High River Alliance Church (1318 9 Ave SE, High River) at 6:15pm
Tuesday, Sept 12
Tuesday, Oct 10
Tuesday, Nov 14
Tuesday, Dec