Brant Christian School Society

Who We Are and What we Do!

When you join Brant Christian School, you also become part of a Society! BCS is unique in that we fall under the Palliser School Division, as well as being governed by a Society board.

The Society has an important partnership with Palliser, so that together we can work towards the common goal of an excellent education and safe learning environment for our students.  Your participation, as parents and members of the Society, reaps great rewards for Brant Christian School! 

Your role in the Society is vital for giving the Board direction on many big and small decisions. Your voice is necessary to provide support and feedback to the Board on a regular basis, as well as at our annual AGM. Your attendance at the AGM is important to vote and make decisions that ultimately determine the direction of the school and empower the Board to make and carry out both long-term and short-term goals. Your participation on the Board is also welcomed!

Thank you for being invested! Thank you for working together to make Brant Christian School the best it can be!

BCSS Board 2023/2024

Brant Christian School is unique in that we fall under the Palliser School division as well as being governed by a Society Board consisting of volunteers from our various school families. Our responsibility is to determine the yearly budget and fees, building maintenance, bussing, hiring of various staff members (custodian, chaplain, band director and preschool staff). In addition to partnering with Palliser to lead the school, your Society Board also oversees our two Genesis Preschool locations.
We are always looking for new members to assist in making decisions for the school. If you have an area of expertise or a heart to serve we would love to hear from you!
To contact the board, please email: (this will reach every board member).  If you have specific questions for board members, see below. 

Coby Farrelly - Chair
Richard LeBlanc - Vice Chair
Shauna Third - Treasurer
Helga Lempriere - Secretary
Geoff Meadows - Pastor Rep
Rachelle Jackson
Kevin Sommers
Keri Sommers