One of the benefits of our Kindergarten through Grade 12 program is the mentorship that develops among students of different ages. Our junior high and high school students understand that they are role models to our elementary students and they conduct themselves accordingly. We have a reading program that matches older students with younger ones for read-aloud time. Every student in Brant is part of a “family group,” which engages in regular activities together, encouraging students to get to know one another, develop empathy and demonstrate leadership. Students are also encouraged to overcome their fears and use their unique gifts to serve and lead their classmates, even at a young age.  Older students have the opportunity to participate on a worship team, leading the entire community in worship during chapel.  Every two years, students in grades 9-12 are invited on a mission trip to Mexico, which draws out leadership skills in a profound way.  When students leave Brant Christian School, they are equipped to be effective leaders in their families, churches and communities.