School Fees

School Fees

Schedule of School Fees for 2023-2024

Due upon receipt of invoice.

Technology Fee:

  • Gr. 1-12 $35.75

Gym Strip Fee:

  • Mandatory for students in Grades 5-12.  Prices vary. Gym Strip is purchased through the school office.

Other Fees:

  • Yearbook (optional) - approx. $41 (subject to change)

*Many of The Palliser Regional School fees can be paid online starting in September using School Cash Online - check it out!

1. Registration Fee:

  • this fee is non-refundable 
  • collected at time of Registration
  • $100/returning family
  • $150/new family

2. Alternative Program Fee:

  • Grades K-12: $1260 per student (capped at 4 students/family)
  • a $500 deposit per student is due by June 1
  • a portion of this fee is tax-receiptable
  • non-refundable after Sept 1

Any refunds will incur a $50 administrative fee.
Any NSF charges incurred are the responsibility of the Society member.
Are you a pastor in a current ministry? Please send a current letter of employment to

Payment options for Alternative Program Deposit and Fee:

3. Busing Fees:

Exciting News for the 2023/2024 and 2024/2025 School Year: a TRANSPORTATION GRANT is available to students who complete a government form.  Click HERE for all the details.

  • Kindergarten: No charge
  • Grades 1-12: $2038 for the 1st child in a family, $1545 for the 2nd child and $344 for each child thereafter.

    Other busing options: One-way or part-time ridership: cost is 70% of the full rate. Those wanting to ride the bus only occasionally have the option to purchase bus tickets (packages of 10, $10 per ride, total cost per package: $100). These passes are transferable. Please contact or to arrange part-time/one-way busing or bus ticket purchase.

Payment options for Busing Fees:

  • Paid in full: By cheque or E-transfer
  • Automatic withdrawal (10-month payment plan): Complete THIS FORM by August 15. Payments will commence September 1 and every month after. You must divide the total amount due by 10 for monthly payments. If you have any questions please email:

Please note: any refunds will incur a $50 administrative fee. HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR FEES? See this handy Q&A form.  



Click on the PAY button to conveniently pay for your Registration Fee, Alternative Program Fee or any other fees required by the Brant Christian School Society. Please indicate what you are paying for. 

If you're paying for Hot Lunch, field trip costs, technology fees, etc, these are payable to the Palliser School Division through schoolcashonline.