Guidelines for Student Conduct

We encourage the students of Brant Christian School to be engaged in positive meaningful relationships with staff and peers. It is our desire to cultivate a generation who are honest, obedient, respectful, accountable and diligent, students who desire to demonstrate a consistent Christian testimony in everything they do.


Since the school acts in the place of parents, the school staff requires complete support from parents where discipline is required. One of the major benefits of a smaller school culture is that we can be more personal, appropriate and effective in our response to situations. As a Christian school we recognize the value of each child and that God has created each of us the way we are according to His purpose. We value relationships and want to cultivate win/win situations that maintain and help relationships grow.

The following rules and regulations cover some behaviors which must be avoided by students of Brant Christian School:

  • Willful damage of property
  • Vulgar communications
  • Interaction with the opposite sex that is discourteous, impolite, or physical
  • Music or literature that portray a lifestyle that is adverse to the goals of the school. (All media brought to school by the child must have prior approval before use in the school)
  • Use of profane language, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or immoral behavior
  • Adopting innovative worldly fads or lifestyles especially where these represent a questionable way of life
  • Other behaviors which contradict Christian values and godly desires and attitudes
  • Speaking to or displaying an attitude toward a teacher or other adult in a manner that does not portray total respect

In addition to the above behaviors, students are to make themselves aware of the regulations which govern the daily operation of the school. The student's conduct is expected to be exemplary and a good Christian witness at all times.

Discipline Process

At Brant discipline has been established to help train its students in Christian discipleship. Preventative discipline consists of wise and clear expectations laid out by parents and teachers as to acceptable behavior within the school. It is our hope that all students will respond favorably to these expectations. For the few non-responsive students there is also a due process that leads to removal from the school. When students do not meet Brant's behavior expectations, they will be dealt with according to the following process:

For Responsive Students

Step 1: Teachers will counsel and warn students who display inappropriate attitudes and behaviors and who are not applying themselves to their studies. At this level teachers may give students detentions, school service assignments, extra school work assignments, or remove certain privileges. Students must be informed of these consequences in a loving, calm and appropriate manner.

For Less-Responsive Students

Step 2: Students who do not respond to the teachers' attempt to correct the problem can expect their teacher(s) to notify their parents and/or principal. Consequences will be determined by the parents and/or principal. Students may not be permitted to remain in attendance unless their effort and behavior improve. Students may be required to sign a behavior contract indicating their willingness to co-operate, and indicating that they understand the consequences. The behavior contract will be reviewed with the student and parents.

Step 3: If the student is in violation of their behavior contract the principal or administrator will advise the parents that the students have been suspended for a definite period of 1 - 5 days. The board will be informed of the suspension. Students are expected to keep up with their studies and, on return to the school indicate their willingness to cooperate with the expectations of the school and review their behavior contract. They will also indicate to the principal that they understand the consequences of not cooperating with the expectations of the school, namely a recommendation to the Board for their expulsion from Brant.

Step 4: If the contract is violated upon return, the student may be expelled upon the recommendation and agreement of the board.