BCS Staff

At BCS, the teaching staff and administration are professional, knowledgeable and passionate. They clearly love what they do and love the students they teach. Most importantly, our staff are committed Christians who live out their faith in the classroom, encouraging students in their own spiritual formation. To teach at BCS, each teacher must hold the certifications required by the Government of Alberta and in addition, they must commit to the educational philosophy of BCS and to their own Christian faith. 

                Shain Chisholm - Principal

                Stephanie Anderson - Grades 10-12 English, Spanish 10
                Bonnie Bennik - Grades 7/8 Language Arts, Grades 7-9 Social Studies, Social 20, Business and Leadership Options
                Madison Cook - Grade 3/4 Bible, Grade 9 Language Arts, Junior High Mathematics
                Sarah Goodfellow - Math 5/6, Math 9/10C/20, Physics 30, PE
                Tim Korthuis - Grades 5-12 Band, Grades 7-12 Choral
                Ken Kroeker - Grades 5-12 Sciences
                Suzanne Larsen-Wall - Gr. 1/2
                Rachel Nauta - Grades 1-4 Music
                Erin Niemans - ECS
                Jamie Campbell - Gr. 5/6, Junior High PE
                Erinne Wolfe - Gr. 3/4, Learning Specialist Teacher       

                Cathy Massey - Office Administrator

Support Staff
                Amanda Bartel - Education Assistant               
                David Knoepfli - Chaplain, Bible, Jr./Sr. High Worship Bands
                Susan McLean- Librarian
                Katelyn South - Family School Liaison Counsellor
                Leanne Steiner - Education Assistant 
                Christine Wasik - Grades 9-12 Online Learning Assistant/Education Assistant 






placeholder image for Shain Chisholm

Mr. Shain Chisholm


Phone: 403-684-3752

placeholder image for Catherine Massey

Mrs. Catherine Massey

Office Administrator

Phone: 403-684-3752


placeholder image for Stephanie Anderson

Mrs. Stephanie Anderson

Teacher: Grades 8, 10-12 Language Arts/English, Spanish 10

placeholder image for Bonnie Bennik

Mrs. Bonnie Bennik

Teacher: Grades 7/8 LA, Grades 7-9 Social Studies, Social 20, Business and Leadership Options

placeholder image for Jamie Campbell

Mrs. Jamie Campbell

Teacher: Gr. 5/6, Jr. High PE, Grades 7-9 Art

placeholder image for Madison Cook

Miss Madison Cook

Teacher: Gr. 3/4 Bible, Gr. 9 Language Arts, Grades 7-9 Math

placeholder image for Sarah Goodfellow

Mrs. Sarah Goodfellow

Teacher: Math 5/6, Math 9, 10C and 20, Physics 30, PE

placeholder image for Tim Korthuis

Mr. Tim Korthuis

Teacher: Grades 5-12 Band, Grades 7-12 Choral

placeholder image for Ken Kroeker

Mr. Ken Kroeker

Teacher: Grades 5-12 Sciences

placeholder image for Suzanne Larsen-Wall

Mrs. Suzanne Larsen-Wall

Teacher: Gr. 1/2

placeholder image for Rachel Nauta

Mrs. Rachel Nauta

Teacher: Grades 1-4 Music

placeholder image for Erin Niemans

Mrs. Erin Niemans

Teacher: ECS

placeholder image for Erinne Wolfe

Miss Erinne Wolfe

Teacher: Gr. 3/4, Learning Specialist Teacher

Support Staff

placeholder image for Amanda Bartel

Mrs. Amanda Bartel

Education Assistant

placeholder image for Dave Knoepfli

Mr. Dave Knoepfli


placeholder image for Susan McLean

Mrs. Susan McLean


placeholder image for Leanne Steiner

Mrs. Leanne Steiner

Education Assistant

placeholder image for Christine Wasik

Mrs. Christine Wasik

Education Assistant/Grades 7-12 Online Learning Assistant