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What are we thankful for?

Next weekend we celebrate Thanksgiving. A time to reflect on the bounty that God has given us. As a school, being in the country, we are certainly more aware of the meaning of harvest and for the provisions that God has given us. We watch the fields go from their winter dormant state to lush green and bright yellow and then when we return in September, we watch the fields yield their bounty. Each year this cycle continues but I never cease to marvel at how well God has planned everything. There is something reassuring about watching a farmer harvest his crop. For me, it is always a symbol of hope. The hope that God's plan for this world is coming to fruition and that each of us is playing a role in his design. This coming weekend, as we celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope that each of you will reflect on your role in God's kingdom and that you will finish off the year 2020, knowing that God is in control and that as Christians, we have much to be thankful for.

The highlight for the coming week will be picture day. This takes place on Thursday, Oct. 8. Friday will be a no school day, providing all of you an extra long weekend for those who can get away from work.

This past week our students voted in this year's student council. President is Josh VanderMey, Vice President is Ethan Jackson/Caleb Chisholm, Secretary is Tracie Steiner, Treasurer Kenan Chisholm.

Brant Christian continues to move ahead very well. Students are now deep into their curriculums and despite some Covid restrictions, the students are enjoying themselves. We are all looking forward to a return to our old routines and our prayer is that it will occur this year. Sooner than later.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Brant Christian through your prayers. This is such a help in allowing us achieve the success that we are seeing.

Happy Thanksgiving, safe travels and enjoy the company of relatives and good friends.

Kevin Bailey

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