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Parent Teacher Interviews

As I am sending this to you, I am watching the interactions and conversations taking place in our gym for parent teacher interviews. It is another reminder to me of how valuable these times together are. Seeing parents and students come in to view the book sale, gather their grad baking and have conversations about the ways we can work together to support student succes is very inspiring to me. Though it makes for a longer week, it makes the week better. Thank you to all who came in and spoke with us this week. And for those who couldn’t make it for one reason or another, please let us know how we can be in touch and have that conversation.


Next week is our last week before Easter and our Spring Break. Please encourage your student to bring home their gym strip to be washed, and any remaining hockey equipment

  • Our Parent Engagement Group (PEG) is meeting on Tuesday April 4th at the High River Alliance Church
  • April hot lunch ordering is available until Monday at

Volunteer Corner

Here is this week’s volunteer opportunities:

Next Friday begins the high point of the Christian year with Good Friday followed by Easter. It is a time to reflect on our sinfulness, what price God was willing to pay to redeem us and the ultimate triumph of Jesus over the power of sin and death in His resurrection. The mystery of God is made clear to us through His great love and mercy, which is awe inspiring and humbling. For all of our families, I want to wish you the blessing of God’s grace, the joy of His salvation and the knowledge of the power of Easter for you and your family. God’s peace be on you all.

Quinn Barreth, Principal

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