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Apple Fundraiser

First of all, I want to share my appreciation for all that you have been through so far this month. It has not been an easy time for our community, having seen a bad cold run through our school at the same time as we have had our first reported cases of covid  followed by the declaration of a respiratory illness outbreak. I know how concerned families and students have been, but I am so proud of everyone for how they have responded. The declaration was based on the high number of absences, which has now started to improve. We are hearing of fewer cases of illness, and I truly believe it is because of the diligent efforts of our families to keep kids home when sick. Thank you so much!

The past weekend we had three teams out at tournaments in both Three Hills and Lethbridge. The Senior boys team made it to the cross-over and lost, as did the Junior girls team. Meanwhile, the Senior girls came in 4th in their tournament! This weekend the Junior boys are heading to Three Hills and we wish them lots of success. I am personally excited because I am finally able to get out to see our teams play. Go Eagles!

Mrs. Massey sent out a reminder this week for some of our upcoming dates. I would like to highlight that picture day is on the 7th, for those who wish to look their best that day. Also, we are coming close to the end of our Apple Fundraiser. Please get the word out to family and friends about the best apples going. All collected money can be brought to the office and if you have any questions email

This past week I was also honored to receive applesauce that the kindergarten class made. It is so neat to see our students learning about so many different things, especially when it results in something so delicious! We captured a picture of the moment, and I have included it in this email.

Have a blessed weekend!

Quinn Barreth, Principal

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