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What a week

Hello Parents;

I am sure you are as amazed as I am at what has taken place over the course of one week. I am so happy that I know that God is in control. To announce a pandemic has created a great deal of fear. For many people that announcement has caused their anxiety level to skyrocket. The toilet paper chase is a case in point!

We have been sending out information to you as we receive it. Please feel free to call the school anytime if you have questions. Brant Christian School is open and we are looking forward to another week of learning. If your child is showing flu symptom signs , please keep them at home. Remind your children to wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day and to cover their coughs and sneezes with something other than their bare hand.

Report cards will be coming home tomorrow and our parent/teacher meetings are still on for this coming Wednesday and Thursday evenings. If you have signed up for time slots to meet with teachers and cannot make the time indicated, please contact the school so that we can open up that appointment time for someone else.

Please continue to keep Brant Christian in your prayers, especially during the Corvid flu pandemic. Pray that our students and staff will stay healthy and that our school will be able continue to function with open doors. Also pray for the rest of Canada and for our health and political leaders. I am sure that this a very challenging time for everyone in positions of decision making.

Thank you,

Kevin Bailey

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