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Welcome to March

Hello Parents;

On Friday we celebrated our monthly family day. For our high school students it was a shared meal as a special tribute to the day. In the first two periods of the afternoon students in grade 5 -12 listened to a guest speaker, Alan Shlemon who was in Calgary as part of the Be Ready conference being held at Foothills Alliance Church. Mr Shlemon spoke first on Islam and what the tenets of their faith are and how they differ from Christianity. His second topic was on Intelligent Design and the significance of this to our faith in a creator God. The remainder of the afternoon students worked their way through a fictitious murder mystery trying to determine who was the victim in a very elaborate plot. By the time school ended one group had figured out that the cowgirl had been the victim of a very jealous butler.

Our first week of March brings us back to a 4 day school week. The highlight of this week will be the skating party being held on Thursday, March 5. Be sure to invite your friends and their children to join you. Please bring some goodies with you as this is a pot-luck dessert evening. Hot chocolate and coffee/tea will be provided. Make sure that you let Cathy know that you are coming.

There are 8 high school students and 2 chaperons heading to Ottawa in May for this year's class trip. We met on Friday at the end of the day to go over some of the information and guidelines. The students are looking forward to spending a week in our nation's capital and experiencing what living in a government town is like. Next year's trip will see our high school students going to Mexico to construct a house for a needy family.

A reminder of the upcoming parent/teacher interviews on March 11/12. It is important that you contact Cathy to arrange a time for your visit.

Thank you,

Kevin Bailey

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