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Teacher's Convention

Hello Parents;

As you know this coming week is a shortened week, there will be no school for students on Thursday and Friday. Allow meĀ  to explain what the teachers will be doing on those two days. Brant Christian is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International, (ACSI) made up of Christian schools from around the world. Our convention this week will bring together Christian school teachers from Alberta, Saskatchewan and some from British Columbia. This is our opportunity to meet with other teachers from schools that face the same challenges and listen to presenters who help us with the spiritual growth of our schools. The convention is being held at Glenmore Christian Academy in Calgary.

Our theme this year is examining the various attributes of God. When we meet on Monday morning for the singing of our national anthem we also take time for a devotion that is tied into our theme. In September we looked at God's brilliance while in October we are looking at God's power. For me there is no better way to understand God's power that to look at nature. Whether it's the glory of a sunrise on a clear morning or the beauty of a sunset at the end of a long day. Nature can also be fierce as we have seen with the destruction caused by Hurricane Michael in Florida. Whether nature is at it's most serene or at it's strength, we know that God, who created our natural surroundings,is in control.

Our next chapel will take place on Wednesday, October 24 starting at 9:15. The worship portion of our chapel will start at 10:15. Parents and guests are always welcome to join us.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of watching our senior high boys win a volleyball tournament in Black Diamond. The ability of our players has developed a great deal in the four years since we started the high school volleyball program. Thank you to the players and coaches, Mr. Scott Fisk and Mr. Jonathon Lobdell for their commitment and hard work. This is an excellent way of increasing the awareness of what Brant Christian is all about and how a small Christian school has relevance in today's society.

Please remember to pray for our school and our school board members. We will be having our annual general meeting in November. It is vital that each family is represented at the AGM so that your voice will be heard. The latest update on our new school will also be provided at this meeting.

The annual Brant Christian dinner and silent auction takes place November 3. To purchase your ticket or to donate an auction item please contact Cathy at school. This is also an excellent time to invite friends to show them a little of what our school is about.

Thank you,

Kevin Bailey

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