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Teacher's Convention

Hello Parents;

With this being a short week I thought I would explain a little about the convention that the teachers will be attending in Sherwood Park. As you know there will be no school this Thursday and Friday. 

Brant Christian is affiliated with an organization called Association of Christian Schools International. (ACSI) We are one of thousands of Christian schools worldwide that belong to the organization. Each year, ACSI hosts a teacher's convention and brings in special speakers and presents workshops designed for teachers of Christian schools. The convention is open to all Christian schools in Alberta who are part of the ACSI organization. There will be close to 400 teachers in attendance.

In a previous blog I mentioned that we now have a jr./sr. high choral group at Brant. We have 25 students who have come out for the first two practices. Tim Kortius is excited about the number of students and their level of enthusiasm. We are in need of someone to play the piano for this group. If you are talented in this area and have Thursdays available we would greatly appreciate your help. Please get in touch with Kevin Bailey if you would like more information.

Our high school students will begin their first of two fund raising events with proceeds going towards their trip to the Bamfield Marine Biology station on Vancouver Island. Starting later this month and running into early November, students will be selling a wide variety of food items through Coco Brooks. If you are not approached by any of our students and would like to purchase some product, please contact the school. The second fund raising activity will take place in the spring with  the selling of hanging baskets of flowers.

Our junior and senior high school volleyball teams continue to keep busy and are representing Brant Christian very well where ever they go. Through their athletic involvement, more and more families are understanding what a great opportunity exists for Christian education at our school.

Thank you,

Kevin Bailey

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