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Summer time

Hello Parents;

This will be the last post until September 1. This coming week is filled with exams and lots of excitement. A recap of Friday's field trips is in order. We started the day off knowing that we could get wet but we didn't realized just how wet we would get. The older students were scheduled for Calaway Park and just before boarding the buses, we got a call saying they were closing for the day due to the weather. I am grateful to have resourceful teachers on staff as they managed to put together a plan for the day very quickly. For students in K - 6, we were off to Heritage Park which remained open and although we stayed inside as best we could, we still got drenched running between the buildings. As bad as the weather was, I did not hear one student complain about being there. It really was a fun day believe it or not.

Our last day is this Thursday. Please note the changes from the usual event. We will meet at the Baptist church in High River. All bus pick up times will be running exactly one hour later than usual. The students will be dropped off at the church and we will get underway at 9:00 AM. The ceremony should wrap up at 11:00 or a bit before. This is followed by a parent/child water balloon toss. The bbq will get underway at 11:30 in the gym of the church. Parents are welcome to take their children home after the bbq.

We hope that most of you will be able to attend our last day. If you cannot attend, then I wish you a wonderful summer School will start on Tuesday September 3. Please keep our school in your prayers over the summer. We will continue to pray for you and safety in your travels.

Thank you for a fantastic year. See you in September.

Kevin Bailey

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