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Sports Day at Brant

Hello Parents;

Thanks to the planning of Mr. Doerksen and the help from many of our high school students and teachers we were able to host our annual sports day on Thursday, June 3. Although the heat made it challenging, careful planning allowed our students to spend as little time as possible outside for extended periods of time. It turned out to be a very enjoyable day and gave our students a taste of normal life after a year of restrictions. A big thank you to Mr. Doerksen for all the work he put into the planning of this event and for the many staff members who stepped up to help the day run smoothly. Normally the events would be overseen by parent volunteers but that is the one area that we were not able to implement this year. 

We are certainly into the home-stretch for this year. Final exams get underway for students in grades 7 - 12 on June 18 and run through until June 23. Our year end wrap up will take place on Friday morning, June 25 in the parking lot of the High River Baptist Church. There will be more details on this coming out in next week's blog announcements.

Our focus now is on our grads and how we can honour them before they leave us. We will be holding a grad chapel on Wednesday, June 16. Unfortunately this will be done with restricted attendance. Their grad photos for the newspaper will be taken this Wednesday by Karen Dees. The photos will appear in the local papers in early July. Make sure to watch for this. The cap and gown ceremony will take place on Friday June 25 at our closing celebrations. All are welcome to attend this event. Of course you must stay in your vehicle. The grad banquet will take place on Monday, June 28. There are still a number of details to work out regarding this celebration. Many details are dependent on which stage the province is sitting in by the end of the month. The cases of Covid are dropping and vaccination rates are increasing so we are hoping that restrictions will be lifted enough that grads will be able to celebrate with their families.

Thank you to everyone who continue to pray for Brant Christian. Your faithful support is very much appreciated. We have been fortunate to come through this pandemic without having any cases of Covid reported in our school. We are extremely grateful for this blessing and look forward to the next school year when many of the restrictions will be lifted.

Thank you,

Kevin Bailey

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