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September snow

Hello Parents;

Our annual September snowfall has hit hard this year. As I look outside it is difficult to imagine that it is still September. I trust that all of you have stayed safe during this storm. We had 3 of our volleyball teams playing on Saturday, 2 in Vulcan and our senior boys were down in Bow Island. Our team did qualify for the bronze medal match but the game was cancelled so that teams could leave early.

There are many things that make Brant Christian such a unique place. One of the most exciting is to see our grade 11 and 12 students disciple the younger students by leading them in devotions. Last Friday was a family day at Brant. All students are placed on one of twelve teams. The older students are responsible for leading their family group in devotions, and when we have a family activity, they lead the younger students in the games. It is a blessing to have such strong students share their experiences with the younger students. Very few schools can offer this blessing and we are thrilled to see the grade 11's and 12's mentor their young friends.

Hospitality is our focus for the fall. We are encouraging students to be involved in making our school more welcoming by practicing the art of hospitality. It can be as simple as greeting visitors whom they pass in the hallways or something more elaborate such as inviting a group into their classroom so that they can share a small meal with them. This Wednesday the Bible 11/12 group will be visiting the grade 1- 8 classrooms to spend some time with them and to share a snack.

Jesus calls us to be disciples, to serve others and to spread his message to all parts of the world. Brant Christian will be taking 33 students to Tijuana, Mexico between January 29 - February 5, 2020. While there, our students will construct two houses for needy families, work in soup kitchens, and minister to others in orphanages and senior's homes. Our students are in need of funding to cover the cost of the homes they will be building. They are happy to do work around your place in return for a donation towards the home. If you can help in this area, please call the school and we will make arrangements to have students come and work.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of Brant Christian. We are growing because of God's blessing and your prayer support.

Thank you,


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