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School Pictures

Hello Parents;

October is here and we are settled into the routines of another school year. Noon hours at Brant Christian are very busy times for our students. Choir practices on Thursday. This is for students in grades 7 - 12 who enjoy singing. Tuesday at noon will find a small choral group going through rehearsals and on Mondays our strings ensemble will be practicing. These activities, along with our junior high and senior praise bands which practice once a week and all of our athletic teams with their practice and game times, makes for a very busy week for our students. Thank you to our teachers and parent volunteers who allow for so many programs to be offered at Brant.

This Thursday, Oct.10 is our school picture day. We will get underway at 8:30 and should be finished by lunch time. The photos will be class as well as individual photos.

This coming weekend needs to be highlighted as it our time to offer thanks for all that the Lord has provided for us. We live in a country and at a time where we lack for little. God's provides very generously for us and we need to always be mindful of this. Our gratitude should be evident every day of the year but it is so easy to fall into the trap of complaining, finding fault or just ignoring the blessings that we have. I hope that this year you will impress upon your children how important it is to be thankful for the bounty that we enjoy.

For those of you who will be travelling next weekend, our prayer for you will be of safety in your journey and that your time away with family or friends will be a blessing to you. If you are staying home, then our prayer is that your hospitality to those you serve will be a blessing to those who are touched by your generousity.

Thank you,

Kevin Bailey




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