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SABC Field Trip

Hello Parents;

It was another busy week for staff and students at Brant Christian. Our grade 5/6 class arrived back to school on Wednesday afternoon after being in Waterton National Park since Monday. They all arrived safely and were excited to tell stories of their adventures and what they had learned while away. I think the black bear sighting count was as high as 6. I think that Waterton Lakes is the best place to go if you want to see a bear, other than the Calgary Zoo.

On Tuesday, our grade 7 - 12 traveled to Barons to participate in a softball tournament. All 3 of our teams played very well and it was a fun day for all who attended. The tournament is organized by the Barons teaching staff and they do a wonderful job of running it.

We had our last special family Friday at Brant. The day's theme was up to each class. Whatever theme they chose, the entire class had to dress accordingly. The grade 3/4 class won the best dressed theme as they were all members of the Peaceful Pines Senior's Residence. It made me laugh to see some of these young people dressed as seniors. I could easily picture what they would actually look like once they reach 80 years of age.

This coming Thursday is our all school year end field trip. We are heading to Southern Alberta Bible Camp. We will be leaving school around 8:30 and will return in time to catch the buses leaving for home. There is no cost for this field trip. Parents are welcome to attend. You may have to drive your own vehicles as our 3 buses will be quite full.

Provincial Achievement tests and diploma exams will be creating stress for our students this week as we enter the heart of exam time. These are anxious times for students, yet if they have worked diligently over the year or semester they should have little to worry about. Please keep our students in your prayers

The Brant Christian float was up and running again on Saturday. Okotoks held their annual youth festival parade. Thank you to Doug and Cindy Green who drove the truck that pulled our float and to all of our students who showed up to give out candy. It was a very wet day for us but our students did a fantastic job.

Congratulations to Sierra Nauta and Jarod Massey. They were married on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Jarod and Sierra Massey are recent graduates from Brant. On behalf of the Brant Christian staff I want to wish them the very best as they begin the rest of their lives together. Our prayer is that their home will always be Christ-centered and that their future children will come to know the Lord.

Another quick reminder to complete the survey at  This is a great chance to give your input regarding the future of Brant Christian School.  

Thank you,

Kevin Bailey

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