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Return to School

Hello Parents;

It was an unusual start to our February break, not having the buses operate on Feb. 11. Thank you to all the parents who were able to drive their children to school that day. We were at 50% capacity for most of our classes. Fortunately when we start back tomorrow our weather will be a lot more seasonal and our students will be able to return to having outdoor recesses.

For upcoming events we have to look to March for anything of significance. Our second trimester wraps up on March 11. Report cards will be going home on March 15 and parent/teacher interviews will take place on March 17/18. You have a choice of how you would like to meet. You are welcome to make an appointment and come to the school to meet with the teacher or you can arrange for a telephone time with the teacher. You will have to contact Cathy at school to book your time.

We will be holding an open house March 25. Because of Covid restrictions the open house cannot take place until 4:00 PM and will run through until 8:00 that evening. We will ask that visitors wear a mask while at the school. If you know of friends who would like to find out more about our school, please encourage them to join us that evening. Although on past open houses, we have been busy, the visitors are spread out over the 4 hours that allows everyone enough room to be safe.

We have had 3 new students join us in the past month and anticipate that more will be joining over the next month or so. Please let your friends know that we do allow for a continuous intake throughout the school year and that parents do not need to wait until September for their children to start.

Thank you for your on-going prayers for our school.

Kevin Bailey

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