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Open House

Hello Parents;

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our parent/teacher interviews last Wednesday and Thursday. It was so good to see each of you and we appreciate you taking the time to come and visit and find out how well your children are doing.

There are two important items that I want to draw your attention to for this coming week. On Thursday, March 25, we will be hosting an open house for families that are thinking of sending their children to Brant Christian either this year or starting in September. The event runs from 4:00 - 8:00 PM that day. If you know of a family that would benefit having their children become part of our student body, please invite them to attend. If your schedule allows, why not come out with them? Your presence would be comforting to them. We are excited about the growth of our school for next year and are anticipating a big jump in our school numbers. I cannot think of a safer school for children to attend and now with the presence of the Covid pandemic, this is even more true. Please reach out to your friends and share with them the amazing benefits of being a part of Brant Christian. They will truly not understand this until they are part of our school. As always, you as a parent, are our best resource for promoting our school.

The second item deals with an e-mail you likely received last week from Alberta Education under the heading, "Alberta Education Assurance". It is a questionnaire that the government is asking you to tell them how important is Brant Christian to you. Please take the time to complete this form. This is your best opportunity to let our government know how much you appreciate having Christian education available to you and what you think of our school. Your time will be well used by completing the questionnaire.

Our warm temperatures and increasing daylight is a great blessing. As we enter spring it is important that we begin to focus on the most sacred event on our calendar, Easter. We will be spending the time between Palm Sunday and Good Friday reminding our students about the events leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus and what the significance of Easter means to everyone. Unfortunately our churches will not be fully open again this Easter but that should not stop us from celebrating the season. I trust that you will be able to add to the significance of Easter at your home in some way.

A final thank you to the parents who were kind enough to bring supper to the teachers last Wednesday and Thursday. Your kindness and generosity are much appreciated. It was a real treat for us to have such a fantastic meal.

Kevin Bailey

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