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Okotoks Parade

Hello Parents;

This past week has been filled with more exams. Our grade 6, 9 and 12's have all been involved with provincial exams while the remaining grade levels have been busy writing in-class finals. On Saturday we entered our school float in the Okotoks parade. Thank you to Jason Cayetano for pulling our the trailer and to the students who gave up their morning to help promote Brant Christian. If you have not been to the parade, they have a huge turn-out, so our school was well presented to thousands of people.

The exciting news for this week was receiving final approval for our preschool program in Okotoks. It will be called Genesis Okotoks and we can accommodate 13, 3 year olds and 13, 4 year olds. The program will run on Mondays and Wednesdays and will be hosted at the Okotoks Alliance Church located on the north side of Okotoks. Maureen Miller will be in charge of the program.

There are a couple of big events to be aware of for this week.On Tuesday the whole school will be gone to one of two locations. Students in grades 7 - 12 will be going to Callaway Park while the remaining grades will be off the Heritage Park. Buses will be leaving from High River and at Aldersyde. On Wednesday Mr. Kroeker will be taking some of the grades on a field trip to Frank Lake. Friday is our last day of school. Along with all the final classroom clean-ups and presentations we have added an egg toss competition. This is open to all parents and one of their children at Brant. Eggs will be supplied by the school. We ask that you bring appropriate protection for your clothes (garbage bag) After the egg toss we will have our closing bbq. Buses will leave for home once the bbq has wrapped up.

We hope to see many parents out on Friday. Community is a strength at Brant and we hope that you will join as we give thanks to God for his faithfulness and blessing of another school year.

Thank you,

Kevin Bailey

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