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October is Here!

Greetings to all of our wonderful Brant families! It is hard to believe, but we have reached the end of September already. With October upon us next week, we are moving into the month of Joy for our fruits of the Spirit. There is certainly a lot we can be joyful about, from the way our school has grown to the bounty of the harvest that God has provided our province. I personally had the joy this week of sharing in the kindergarten’s fresh made applesauce as they learned about the letter A. Yum!

A few reminders:

  • Picture day is Thursday Oct 6th. Make sure your child is looking their best for picture day.

  • Hot lunch orders are due by Monday Oct 3

  • Apple orders are due on Oct 12th. Be sure to let everyone know they are running out of time to get these amazing apples!

  • The Vulcan Fire Department is coming on Oct 11th to present to the elementary classes. Students have the chance of being Fire Chief for the Day by entering the draw this week, which will let them come up and help the firefighters do their demonstrations for Fire Safety Week.

  • Our boys Junior A team was successful in their tournament this past weekend, taking first place. Congratulations boys!

We had two great days to end this week. On Wednesday Pastor Dave did chapels with our students, reminding them of the story of Ananias and Paul and how letting the fruit of the Spirit be full in our life makes us open to serving God no matter how strange the request. And then on Thursday we had our first Family Day activity to end the day. Students joined their family groups to play capture the flag. Students had a great time running around and working together in their family groups. It was a great way to start our family group activities, and we will be doing more with those groups in the coming weeks.

I hope you are able to have a good weekend with your family, enjoying this warm late season weather together. May the coming days bring rest, peace and joy, as you abide in the love of our Lord God. God bless you all.

Quinn Barreth, Principal

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