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October is here

Hello Parents;

Thank you to all parents who were able to come out on Thursday evening to meet with the teachers. This will be an annual event giving the parents an opportunity to come and receive a quick update on their children and talk with the teachers. 

For students in grades 2 - 8 last week was the start of our F and P testing. This is a test designed to give the teacher an indication as to the reading and comprehension ability of the student. It is done twice yearly, the next time will be in March. The test allows the teacher to find out strengths and areas that need improvement in a student's literacy ability. The results are sent home once all students have been tested. Our results last year were very good and should be equally strong this year.

At the start of each year we outline three goals, that as a school we want to accomplish. One of the goals each year is to improve in the area of literacy. Our focus for 2015/16 is in writing. Our second goal is to promote a safe and caring school environment by strengthening friendships within the classes and across grade levels and our third is a spiritual goal of making our student body more aware of the importance of serving and how to become more involved.

On Friday afternoon we started to paint the portables. More specifically the front landings, skirting and the skating rink bench. We had a great crew out and got most of it done. There is still some left to do so if anyone is an avid painter and has time, this week would be perfect to come out and be of service to the school.

On Wednesday we have two cross country runners off to a zone meet in Medicine Hat, Danica Pendree and Treyton Niemans. We wish them all the best as they represent Brant. Last Monday our boys senior high volleyball team played their first game in Vulcan. The team showed great progress with each game. It is very encouraging to see the improvement, team spirit and effort that our athletes are putting into the team. They are excellent ambassadors for our school.

On Wednesday our junior high team travelled to Milo for their first match of the year and performed very well against their opponents. Thank you to Mr. Doerksen for coaching again this year and thank you to all the parents who volunteered to drive our students to the game.

Wednesday was also our first chapel of the year led by Mrs. Brunning and our junior high worship band. Our next chapel is this Wednesday where the focus will be on Thanksgiving. Chapels get underway at 1:15, praise and worship for all students starts at 2:15. Our chapels are open to all parents who are able to join us. and we hope to see you there

Congratulations to Miss Wolfe's class for their cookie fund raising event that took place on Wednesday. It was great to see their enthusiasm both in the baking and the selling of the cookies.

Kevin Bailey

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