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New Semester Begins on Tuesday!

Hello to all our Brant families! We enjoyed another wonderful week with our students, taking advantage of the sunshine to get outside not just for skating but even to explore and do some learning. It is such a blessing when we have this mild winter weather that makes it great for the students to enjoy themselves. 

A few reminders:

  • On Monday the County of Vulcan will be removing dead trees and tree limbs overhanging the road from our property. They have offered to leave the wood on our property for those who need firewood. Please feel free to pick it up starting Tuesday.

  • The link to order February hot school lunches is live HERE.

  • We have no school on Monday, and are running from Tuesday to Friday next week

  • With colder weather arriving this weekend, please ensure students have warm clothing to go outdoors. I anticipate daytime highs that will allow for outdoors recess.

  • If your child is missing indoor shoes, please make sure they have them at school. This is a requirement for K-12 students, and is part of our uniform policy

Please see the following attachments. One is to do with virtual learning opportunities for parents, the other is about bursaries available to students through the High River Legion. The second virtual learning session from SAPDC has to do with one of our school goals, Executive Functioning. If you feel this is valuable for you or your student please take advantage of the offering. 

The start of semester two for our older students on Tuesday means we have reached the halfway point in our year. While this is hard to believe we are here already, it is also a chance to take stock of all that has been accomplished so far by our students. For our early years, we see growth in many areas like literacy, numeracy and physical skills. For our older students they have been developing their abilities in meeting the high standards their teachers have for them. Everyday I am blown away by the great things I see happening inside and outside the classroom at Brant. We have so much that we can praise God for doing in our students’ lives! I pray that as you spend time together as a family this weekend that you can rejoice in what He is doing in your home and in the lives of your children. Grace and peace to you all.

Quinn Barreth, Principal

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