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Midway Point

Hello Parents.

This coming week marks the halfway point of the school year. Our high school students will complete their first semester exams and on Monday, February 3, we begin the second half of the school year. There will be no school on Thursday and Friday of this week. Thursday is a PD day for staff and Friday will be one of our Fridays off.

Last week was a full week for us. We finished off celebrating a Friday on by meeting in our family groups for devotions first thing in the morning. Our senior high students are responsible for leading devotions for the students who are in their family. A family consists of 10 - 11 students from the various grade levels. The day wrapped up with a group activity of a snowman building contest.

On Wednesday of this week our Mexico mission trip students depart for Tijuana. A trip that all students have been eagerly looking forward to. Mr. and Mrs. Doerksen and Marlyn Brunning have been meeting with the group for prayer and preparation and everyone is ready to go and have an impact on the people they meet. The most exciting part of the meetings has been the willingness of our students to be open to what God has in store for them. I am looking forward to hearing the stories upon their return. There will be a blog site set up for everyone to get daily reports of the activities in Tijuana. We will post it on our website as soon as it is ready to go.

If you have received a survey called, "Accountability Pillar" from the government of Alberta, we would appreciate you taking the time to complete the questionnaire. Your responses are important for us and for the department of Education. You should have received a phone call from one of our board members. If you have not had someone call you, please let me know and I will look into it.

The warmer weather of this past week made a huge difference in the behavior of the students. Being able to get outside and play changes both the mental health of students and teachers! It is a blessing to have children who are healthy and love to play.

Please check our school website by Wednesday of this week for the blog site and follow our students on their journey around Tijuana. Thank you again for the prayer and financial support of the students. Your efforts have allowed this important experience become a reality for our students.

Thank you,


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