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Living in Hope

Hello Parents;

With the premier's announcement on Friday, it is now confirmed that students will not be back to school until the new year. Mr. Kenny did allude to the possibility of an early start so it will be interesting to see what that means. As a staff we met on Thursday to discuss what we would have to have in place should our students come back in May or June. Those plans may be put into place in September instead. Regardless of when the students come back, we will continue to teach the curriculum to the very end and have the students return ready for their new grade.

Work has started on the new portables. The outside has been cleaned and much of the debris on the inside has been removed. We are very excited about the opportunities we will have with the extra classroom space. These portables will be used as our high school wing where the core subjects of English, Social, Math and Science will be taught. This will free up space in the center block for our growing elementary and junior high students.

If you have not registered for next year, it would be helpful for us if you would do so as quickly as possible. Our school division will soon be assigning Brant Christian the number of teachers we will have access to next year. As we continue to grow, we continue to get more teaching time which in turn allows our school to offer more variety for our students. Your promptness in registering is quite important.

Plans are well underway for our volleyball teams for the start in September. We are in need of someone to coach our junior high girls. This is a volunteer position and runs from the start of the school year to the first week in November. Please contact Jason Doerksen or Kevin Bailey if you would like to help out.

As we continue to navigate our way through the Covid 19 crisis our hope as BCS staff rests in the knowledge that God is in control. As inconvenient as our present circumstances are, we look forward to having our students rejoin us and for regular teaching and school activities to return. We know that you share this same belief. We will continue to pray for safety and good health.

Kevin Bailey

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