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Hard at Work

Hello Parents;

The first week back was a busy one. Students in grades 9 - 12 were rushing to meet course deadlines. Some exams will start this week with the main load coming over the latter two weeks. It was good to be back at school and to see the students again. We have welcomed 8 new students to Brant Christian as of Jan. 13. God continues to bless us with growth. Since closing for the summer break last June, our enrollment has increased by 38 students or 42%. Our school is certainly a very busy center for learning. We are first and foremost  a school that proclaims the name of Jesus and we offer a very unique Christian environment that holds to high academic standards and offers athletic opportunities and fine arts endeavors to our students. We are certainly blessed to be able to do what we do thanks to you as parents, our society board, Palliser Regional School Board and the Government of Alberta. All of these agencies are what make Brant Christian feasible.

Now that the cold weather has abated and we enjoy the warmth of a chinook, I do want to remind you of the importance of sending your children dressed for the weather. They should always have a winter hat, gloves, boots and a warm jacket when they come to school. For our younger children, they should also have snow pants as. On days that are very cold I always check outside first to see if it is feasible for students to go out and play. The wind is the largest factor. On very cold days, if it is calm, it is usually okay to venture outside if students come prepared to be outside. It is very important that students have the opportunity to get outside and run around. To stay inside all day makes for a very long day for them. Being outside does help students to concentrate and focus more. So, even in this warmer weather, please make sure your children are leaving home prepared to be outside.

We started our junior high basketball program last week and were thrilled to see the number of students who came out. At this point our boys team will have 7 - 8 players and our girls team had 11 players come out. This is the first time we have split our teams and not gone co-ed. We are looking forward to watching our players improve and are grateful that they will experience the joy of being on a team.

We will be hosting an Open House on Feb. 16 from 4:00 - 8:00 PM. If you know of anyone who is planning on attending Brant next year, this would be an excellent time for them to come out. The plans for our new school are still moving ahead. Our society board is waiting to hear word from the Foothills School Division regarding a parcel of land on which to build. Once all details regarding the transaction have been finalized our society board will make this important announcement. This may happen by early spring.

Thank you for your support of Brant Christian. We are definitely heading into very exciting times and it will be amazing to see what God has in store for our school. He has moved in very marvelous ways in this last year and there is a lot more to come. Please continue to pray for our school, the staff and our society board.

Thank you,


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