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First Day

Hello Parents;

Welcome to the start of the 2018/19 school year. We get underway on Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 8:20. The students will be in their homerooms until 9:00 and then we will gather in the gym for our first assembly to welcome everyone back. Our pancake breakfast will get underway by 9:30. If the weather stays dry we will hold the breakfast out by the playground and should it be raining we will have the breakfast in the gym. Either way, dress warm as it will be a cool day. We encourage all parents and grandparents to join us that morning as we get another exciting year of learning underway. All students will be back in their classes by 11:00.

My last blog in June introduced our newest teacher to Brant Christian, Mr. Chisholm. This will be a perfect time to come and say hello. Mr. Chisholm will be teaching English and Social Studies to students in grades 7 - 11. This is one of exciting changes for this year. As we continue to grow, we are able to move our high school students away from on-line learning to having a regular classroom. We are now up to grade 11 where almost all of their subjects are taught by a teacher in the classroom. For grade 12 students, 40% of their class load will be with a teacher.

Volleyball practices for all Brant Christian teams will get underway this week. This year all volleyball teams will be practicing at the High River Baptist Church. Students will be transported there by one of our Southland buses. Parents will be able to pick up their children at the church instead of driving out to Brant.

Our society board is continuing their talks with the Foothills School Division regarding our transitioning to that school division once we have a new school in High River. The board has been active in selecting a builder for our new school and information on their progress will be announced later in the Fall.

Please continue to keep Brant Christian School in your prayers. Your support is crucial in keeping our school vibrant and Christ-centered. I look forward to seeing many of you at school on Tuesday.

Thank you,

Kevin Bailey

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