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Cold but beautiful start to the week

As we have settled into the rhythm of our weeks here at Brant, it is encouraging to see student activities all around the school. Personally, I am so impressed with the kinds of work I am seeing in all the classrooms. Whether it is the magic of seeing our younger students acquiring language and writing skills, or our older students as they design creative projects in groups or on their own, I am so blessed by what is happening at Brant. And I am especially grateful for all our wonderful staff who make this all happen.

Thank you for the respectful dialogue I have received personally, and have heard our families using towards others in discussions about the new vaccination policy by Palliser. Regardless of views, or the emotions they elicit, Christ compels us to act in a manner that brings God glory. 

I have been very impressed with the reports of kids reading up a storm for the reading challenge. Some students report reading several hours per day! Reading is such an important foundational skill for success in school, and it is great to have fun pencils, stickers and even a pizza party to encourage kids to strengthen that skill.

Just a few reminders for the week ahead:

  • This weekend sees time “fall back” as we move from Daylight Savings time to Standard time. Make sure you set your clocks back on Saturday night.

  • Operation Christmas Child boxes are available to go home from our office. We are not collecting them here, but they can be dropped off at High River Baptist, who are taking them to Samaritan’s Purse.

  • Booking for parent/teacher interviews - please make sure to check your emails to find the booking code Mrs. Massey sent out last month. The link is

  • We still have a large number of ADmazing coupon books remaining. All proceeds go towards our year end field trip. If you are interested, contact our school office: 403-684-3752

  • Our parent prayer group wants to invite anyone who has a specific prayer or wishes to join in praying for our community to contact Sue Pendree at

  • Students who complete their driver’s education course can now receive one credit towards their high school diploma when they present their notice of completion to Mrs Wasik.

  • Our auction link is LIVE: The auction is open from Nov 6 at 8am until Nov 13 at 8pm. Let your family and friends know, so they can join in on the online fun and bid!

Also, I have been asked by the residents of Brant to remind families the speed limit is 30 kph if you drive through the town. I encourage all our families to be good neighbors to the people who live here and respect those speed limits while driving down their streets.

This week, despite starting on a really cold note, offered some amazing scenery out here in the country. Truly, “let heaven and earth praise him, the seas and everything that moves in them” (Psalm 69:4).

Quinn Barreth, Principal

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