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Celebrate Summer

Hello Parents;

After a very fun, exciting and blessed school year, it is time to wrap things up and enjoy the relaxation that summer brings for many people. Recapping last week; our day at SABC was a perfect day to be at camp and close to water. Thank you to the staff at Southern Alberta Bible Camp for hosting us, they did a fantastic job. On Tuesday, Corbin Knight came by to talk with our students about what life is like in the NHL as a Christian. Corban spent the morning hanging out with the students and answering their questions. We appreciate his kindness and generousity of his time. On Friday we finished the week off with our annual water fight. Unfortunately a thunderstorm forced us inside for the final 30 minutes. Thank you to the student's council for their work in putting this event together.

On Tuesday, June 28 we wrap up the school year. Students will be in their classrooms until 10:00. At 10:30 we will gather in the gym for the promotion of the students to their next grade and to hand out report cards. Following this ceremony there will be a parent/child water balloon toss outside. Further instruction will be given that day but I encourage all parents to come out and join in on the fun.

The bbq will get underway shortly after 12:00 and by 1:00 - 1:30 we will be saying our goodbyes.

If you have noticed the improvements we have made to the BCS website or if you are a Facebook follower and have been tracking Brant Christian events on facebook this year, you need to know that the credit goes to one of our parents. Karen Dees took over these duties early in the Fall and has done a wonderful job in promoting Brant and keeping everyone informed on our events. With the help of Cathy Massey and the photography ability of Mr. Kroeker, these 3 have put in a lot of work and I appreciate all that they have done. Please thank these people the next time you see them.

Our prayer is that your summer will be safe and relaxing. School starts up after Labour Day on September 6. Plan to join us for our annual first day breakfast.

Thank you,



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