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Back to School

Hello Parents;

We are looking forward to having all of our students back at school tomorrow. (Jan. 11) It has been a long time since we have had everyone at school. When at-school learning stopped in late November for our older students, our school was a safe place for everyone. We were navigating through the pandemic very well in large part, because of you, our parents. We know that you monitor the activities of your children very carefully and will continue to do so now that we are back in school. Thank you for the time and effort that you put into keeping your children protected. It makes our school a safer place because of your work.

Each Brant Christian family should have recently received and e-mail from our society chair, Tonia Kohls announcing our upcoming Annual General Meeting on January 21. This will be a virtual meeting. The e-mail contained a question regarding our society board's ability to acquire new property in the High River/Okotoks area. If you have not sent in your response, then I encourage you to look for the e-mail and share your opinion. I also want you to set aside the evening of January 21 aside so that you can participate in the AGM.

When students return tomorrow they will see a few changes to the school. Thanks to funding from our Federal government, we have upgraded the drinking fountains in the elementary wing. The new fountains are hooked up to our filtration system and have water bottle fill stations. We also have added a large hand washing sink that allows 3 students to use at once. This is located across the hall from our grade 1/2 class. The ability to quickly wash hands will help keep our school safer.

As a result of a private donation, we have replaced the toilets in the boys washroom which had been leaking water lately due to corroded flanges.

We are looking forward to a better year in 2021. By March we will begin our promotion to attract new families to Brant Christian. We are one of the safest schools to send students to and as parents you are our best marketing resource. Continue to promote Brant Christian to all of your friends.

Thank you,


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