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Hello Parents;

Most of you are wondering what a strange title for this blog. Let me explain the significance behind it. Our enrollment this year is 128 students. Our goal for next year is 140. In order to improve, Brant needs to continue to grow and it is important that people connected to Brant Christian know what our goal is for next year. With more students we can offer a greater variety of courses, which in turn allows us to be better in providing for the needs of our students. Our best method of advertising is through word of mouth from present and past parents. For the remainder of this school, the number 140 will be popping up on a regular basis. We encourage you to spread the word about how good our school is and the benefits of attending Brant Christian. The school building is capable of holding 165 students and I do not see why we cannot fill the building.

During this past week one of the items dominating the local news were the recent results of the Math scores by students in the Calgary Board of Education. I will publish our last 3 years of Math results next week in this blog so you can see the quality of education that we offer at Brant. The teaching staff that we have here are very qualified and extremely dedicated to our school and your children. I cannot understand why a Christian family would not want their children here receiving a strong academic education, in the safest school environment, surrounded and nurtured by Christian teachers. This is why it is so important that we, who understand what Brant Christian is about, make sure we tell our friends.

This past week, I had a grandmother call on behalf of her granddaughter regarding enrollment for next year. The parents of the girl thought we were an online school only! There are so many people in our area who, if they fully understood how good our school is, would fill the openings that we presently have and we would likely have a wait list. Registration will not start until March but we will be putting a concerted effort into making sure that parents all around our area know about us and the benefits of sending their children to a Christian school.

Chapel this week will be Wednesday morning. Mrs. Brunning will be talking to the junior/senior high students at 9:15 AM, worship time for all students will start at 10:15 and the elementary students will hear Mrs. Brunning at 11:00

A reminder that our annual auction will be Saturday, November 3 starting at 5:30 PM at the Highwood Memorial Center. Please get your order in this week. It will be an exciting event as we raise money for our school and to promote Christian education.

Thank you,

Kevin Bailey

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