School Emergency

Brant Christian buses not running Thursday, Jan. 16.

Due to the continuing cold weather, Brant Christian buses will not be running today, Thursday, January 16. The school is open and teachers are present for any students who can drive to school.

















BCSS Documents and Policies

Annual Agenda
BCSS Policy Table of Contents
POLICY 1 Board Foundational Statement
POLICY 2 Mission and Vision
POLICY 3 Role of Board
POLICY 4 Board Operations
POLICY 5 Designated Roles within the Board
POLICY 6 Board Member Code of Conduct
POLICY 7 Board Member Responsibilites
POLICY 8 Board Committees
POLICY 9 Board Staff Linkage
POLICY 10 Cost of Governance
POLICY 11 Financial Donations
POLICY 12 Charitable Tax Receipts
POLICY 13 Registration and Re-registration Requirements
POLICY 14 Electronics on Bus